Elon Musk Shares Secret about His Latest AI Bot ‘Grok’ Stating it carries Sarcasm and Access to Data

Elon Musk barely needs any introduction. He is making news for another big time as he talks about his new bot called Grok. As he boast about his technical stuff, he claims that the bot would act like sarcasm of humor and will post benefit to access vital data and info through the microblogging site called X, which is called as Twitter as it brings back a year ago. He claimed that the bot will have its testing soon this weekend when it comes to choosing the group. Once it gets its early bet testing, it will be made available to the premium plus subscription.

xAI seemed planning to hit with more such information that comes this weekend and it comes through a proper timing that would change in the coming time as briefed up in the local plans. The post seemed to give Musk the first tangible indication about the plans of the bot and the startup company came up with the idea in July and started things like a mission. It indicated the same on its website which allows people to understand the very real nature of the universe. It also spends a huge month in bringing top researchers on board to help the startup create and launch the same.

It also played its part in creating the ChatGPT and its other similar AI tools that sparked new technology arming the race over the generative AI and it can help in coming along with its time. We also know Elon Musk is a fan of AI and he also understands the warning of its potential perils of the same along with embarking on positive change in it.

Ziya Khan

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