China Ends up Anonymity on their Social Media Platforms

Tu Pao Ding, is a popular blogger and author in China. She announced her retirement from Weibo, which is China’s biggest microblogging platform. She has come across some rumours that suggested how China is going to bring out a new rule book over the Big Vs – the verified influencers group to showcase their legal name as seen over the public profiles. Tu Pao Ding talked about various book reviews and comments on current affairs amid the two million followers of the above said microblogging website. Thus she declared her exit from social media. 

Soon after her announcement, all the major social media platforms in China like Douyin, WeChat, Zhihu,Kuaishou and Xiaohongshu announced their new rule asking all the users particularly the socially influencers to reveal their legal names over the platform, Weibo was the first platform to announce this rule asking to reveal their names across the users and their followers as well. 

Soon, we witnessed concerns and criticism coming from the Chinese users for the new rule. Many claimed this as a violation of the user privacy, while others claimed that it could help in regulating including harassment and doxxing. There were many who have planned to give up social media platforms. 

Some of these known online influencers include science blogger Ming Yu Zhui Ran, who has made up his mind to get rid of the social media in China, allowing to get away as well. The blogger is no more interested in staying in any of the social media of his country and has started clearing up the followers. Currency his count on Weibo has gone down to  219,700.

Ziya Khan

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