Can Brands Successfully Adapt the Black Friday Sale to Suit Indian Tastes?

Black Friday sales are the talk of the town today. Last year’s sales in 22 went smoothly in India. Considering the previous year’s participation, the brands are now all set to leverage the same sales for this year. As per reports, the brands are all set to witness a rise of around 70% in the domain of e-commerce coming along on 24th November, which is on Black Friday.

As the day appeared, the wait for the sale had come to an end and had even gone to the next level. It has been set on the online-based business marketing efforts this coming year. Nykaa seemed to have painted Black Friday Pink only to attract potential customers, allowing them to enjoy cool discounts for their beauty products. 

On the contrary, we have seen the e-commerce brand called Cred, which seemed to have come along with the influencer’s hammers and wrenches supported by a special request only to break their smartwatches or phones as they are giving replacement offers this Friday. In the US culture, we see thanksgiving day to have great importance, hence the advent of this sale has taken place right on time. This seems to be similar to the culture-based marketing ideas as seen in India. 

Experts from marketing in India like T Jhaveri who is the founder and the strategy lead called The Stuff of Life, which brands are not trying to contemplate to transplant into any US tradition as seen in India, it may not have much relevance but it can work. She claims that many brands in India are pitching this idea only to consumers all across the globe to keep things moving. 


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