Humane Introduces Wearable AI Projector Pin as a Smartphone Replacement

It was in April when we saw the ex-Apple top employee and Humane cofounder called Imran Chaudhri who came in to a Ted Talk only to showcase the first product of their startup company. It was nothing but an AI-based projector pin, which works like the tool ChatGPT. Now, the company has embarked upon an AI-based device offering the name AI Pin. 

The AI Pin from Humane carries a square kind of device with a battery. By using the magnets, we know the device is designed only to attach clothes or any other surfaces. It is powered with the AI Pin coming along with the Snapdragon process, which is, however, very much not clear to have a chip using the same. The Pin is also known for showcasing a touchpad, a small built-in projector, and camera. It comes with a battery boost that comes along with 20 grams of 3G device. 

Now, talking about the camera, it comes with 1 13-megapixel shots and video. However, it comes with a software update first. When it comes to using the camera, you are required to wake the device by only dragging or tapping the touchpad. When the device when kept on it gives Trust light that would help others to capture, collect, and record the data. 

One of the key features that pin along with the AI integration often runs over the AI tool called ChatGPT 4. It is there to manage the key actions including voice-based messages with AI-based language translation and many more. Also, you need to come along with the feature called catch me up that takes away the information from the meetings and even distributes the same with quick bullet points. With the OS called Cosmos, you can find the pin is now able to get the queries with the help of the right tools that come automatically thus allowing people to download and even manage the apps.

Ziya Khan

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