Bangalore Airport to Pioneer the Elimination of Gadgets-in-Tray Security Check System in India

A big news in the travel world when we hear that the passengers in the Bangalore international airport called KIA or Kempegowda International Airport accessing the Terminal 2 or T2 would soon feel comfortable in their travel. The reasons are simple: they will not be required to remove personal electronic devices including laptops, mobile phones from their handbags while passing through the pre-embarkation security checkpoints.

As per reports, the BIAL or Bangalore International Airport Limited along with its operation – KIA have come together to embark upon an updated system. They informed that the duo is now testing the Computer Tomography X ray machine commonly known as CTX machine at the said terminal. As per the officials, the system will come in place within two weeks of time. To start the said system, it will be first implemented for the local passengers and then to the international passengers.

As per reports, it is expected to be implemented from December 23 as the trial run would soon get completed on the second terminal of the airport. The statement appeared from the CEO of BIAL – Mr. S Raghunath to the media. With this update, KIA will become the only Indian airport to start their passengers before the CTX machine, which is hooked with the ARTS or the Automatic Tray Retrieval System supported by the complete body scanners. 

With this update, the operators are now able to move around the bags and their contents easily thus slashing down the physical activity of physical inspection and the re-checks. WIth this new system coming to place, it will also reduce the requirement of the number of trays that are needed at the airport for the use of passengers, claimed the reports.

Ziya Khan

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