Blackstone’s Takes a Plunge into India’s Healthcare Sector with Over USD 1 Billion in Two Hospitals

A big news there in the healthcare sector as we see the big brand Blackstone taking a plunge into the Indian market. The news came this Monday when it announced one billion USD in two major hospitals managed by the Care group in Hyderabad apart from the another group based in Kerala called KIMS Healthcare. Although the size of this deal and its details are yet to come out, however, they have disclosed the amount coming in a big way reaching somewhere to one Billion USD, which is huge money in the healthcare business domain. 

As per reports, the deal to be signed by the two hospitals would remain under private equity funds and it will be dealt straight by the Blackstone group, which is all set to acquire around 72.5 % of share in the Care Hospital. The total value of this deal would be around a whopping amount of 6.6K Crores, which will be procured from the group called Evercare.

The deals will see private equity funds managed by Blackstone acquiring a 72.5 per cent stake in Care Hospitals at an enterprise value of Rs 6,600 crore. This will be purchased from Evercare, a platform owned by TPG Rise funds. The next deal with the TPG will lead to an acquisition of around 60% of share at the KIMS Healthcare group, which comprises of around 400 M USD from the group known as True North. On the other end, Blackstone will be putting 300 million USD that would reach from TPG. The following deal would retain a good amount of take for this joint venture deal. 

Ziya Khan

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