World Pneumonia Day: Impact of the Infection on Vital Organs – Kidneys, Heart, Lungs Explained

Come 12th November and we see the world observing the big day in the healthcare world – World Pneumonia Day. The day is a reminder to the world about the seriousness of the medical condition called pneumonia. The fact is it has severe ramifications on the overall health of anyone. However, if you do not treat, it has the tendency of turning up into a life-threatening lung infection. However, besides the lungs, this serious condition can impact several other organs, as well.

Talking about the same, the leading pulmonologist from Fortis Hospital, Bangalore called Dr Padma Sundaram, explained about how this infection can affect the lungs in a big way and thus bring in bacteria, fungi or viruses in body organs like lungs. You can find lung inflammation that could cause fluid and thus later even giving issues like pus formation. The bacterial pneumonia often gives issues like viral pneumonia. You can find it more common among the winter reasons and thus it has the chance of boosting up the bacterial and viral infections making things bad to worse. This medical condition can infect both the lungs , claims the doctor. 

The doctor was seen adding how pneumonia seems to be more common including diabetics, elderly, cardiac, respiratory, hepatic and kidney problems. It can even bring issues to cancer patients who have undergone treatments like chemotherapy.  The common early symptoms include dryness and fever. The early symptoms to this problem include headache, we caught, nausea and muscle pain to name a few. However, with severe conditions, the symptoms can including increasing of cough and shortness of breath. 

Ziya Khan

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