WhatsApp And Instagram Integration: Soon you can Share WA Status Directly to Instagram

Whatsapp is back again in the news and this time for featuring WhatsApp over a trail like a new feature that comes up with the rival apps. However,  that is not often the case and we see WhatsApp taking too long to add the features, which was inspired by the instant messaging platform called Telegram that was meant for broadcasting much more information that comes as the latest examples. However, as far as WhatsApp is concerned, it happens to be a Meta subsidiary, and it could soon tap over the integrations, which seemed enabled by its parent company.

We know both the platforms – Instagram and WhatsApp belong to Meta, and the duo has maintained a separate identity in the social media world. While Instagram seems thriving over the public connections and these are curated feeds, We can call WhatsApp to be a haven for private communications. But as per the recent discovery, these two platforms might be colliding soon.

WABetaInfo, happens to be a reliable source for WhatsApp updates, which seemed to have unearthed a hidden feature in the app’s latest beta version. It has tucked away with the “Privacy” settings, and we see a new option that allows more users to link their Instagram accounts and share their WhatsApp status updates directly as Instagram Stories.

While the feature is still under development, its existence indicates Meta’s possible intentions. Perhaps they see an opportunity to cross-pollinate audiences and encourage engagement across both platforms. Maybe they believe merging the ephemeral nature of both Stories formats could create a more dynamic experience.

Ziya Khan

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