Aviva Life Insurance Faces GST Authority Raid Amid all the Allegations of Tax Evasion

A big news in the Insurance domain, we have the insurance giants like Aviva Life Insurance in the news for violating some norms of the tax department. As per reports, the Delhi Unit of the company was under fire in the tax evasion issue. Their documents were seized as part of the investigation of the Income Tax department. The industry inside reported the matter about the issues happening in office and the action being taken by the concerned department. 

As per reports, the officers of the DG of Good and Service Tax intelligence department, which got to know about the violation taking place in the said office. They were quick to act and went on to seize the laptops during the visit on the fist week of November. They questioned about the same with the team officials working in the company including Asit Rath and Sonali Athalye the CEO and CFO respectively claimed the reports. There were others who were the target of the raid but the officials did not disclose their names. 

Soon the company Aviva Life Insurance came up with their statement wherein they confirmed that the GST department officials have visited their head office in New Delhi and the officials in their company gave them the complete cooperation. However, they did not disclose other details to the media and even rejected the plea of the press to comment on the inquiry going on inside their office.  Even the GST officials did not disclose anything except the top two names of the company whom they are dealing with for the tax evasion case. 

Ziya Khan

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